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Where'd all this pretty stuff come from?
All graphics, artwork and photos on this site are either my own or are used with permission. Especial thanks to Yana Goya (nsfw link) for her gorgeous art.

Do you have a newsletter I can sign up for?
I don't, but you can keep up with me via my blog on Dreamwidth, or Twitter/Tumblr if you find those more convenient.

Have you got any stories I can read for free?
I do! And aside from those sporadic microfictions, I've got a couple stories available for free download at various ebook retailers:
* Anticipation
* By Hand & Heart
* Especially at Christmas
* Take Your Best Shot by Starlight

Also relevant: Everything I self-publish is available to libraries for free via Smashwords. I'm not sure how it works on the library end, but definitely request these titles and let your local librarians know they are available at no cost.

Wait a minute, how come those "free downloads" cost money on Amazon?
When I decided to make these titles available at no cost, I learned Amazon won't allow a price point of zero. My only choices were (a) list them as cheaply as possible or (b) not list on Amazon at all. I decided in favor of convenience/availability and included the titles on Amazon.

That being said, Smashwords provides ebooks in every feasible format including .mobi, so by all means obtain the stories there if you can. I just wanted to make sure they remained as widely accessible as possible.

Do you design your own covers?
Sometimes! When I re-release/self publish a story, I generally do my own cover design. There will always be exceptions, but for the most part I like to create my own graphics.

Just like this website, any art or photography included in my covers is used with permission and/or under an appropriate commercial license.

Some major resources I use are:

Which covers did you make?
These ones! (I'll try and add to this page when there are more, but there's a good chance this lineup will not always be up-to-date.)

Restless Shadows Waiting Roads Simple After All Running Hot Take Your Best Shot by Starlight Sage and Sand Wonderly Wroth By Hand and Heart Especially at Christmas Anticipation

Do you design covers for anyone else?
Nope. My training and technology are both wildly outdated, not to mention the fact that I'm slow as hell at graphic design. When I'm doing the work solely for me, I've got only myself to answer to, and all the time I need to get it right. The idea of deadlines and other people's expectations adding pressure to the process? Not something I'm currently equipped to deal with.

Plus, any time spent working on cover designs is time away from writing and revising the stories I still want to tell. My priorities are pretty vested on the word-crafting side of things, and that's where I expect them to stay for the foreseeable future.

I'm looking for a particular title but it isn't here, what gives?
For the most part, I try to keep old books and stories available for purchase once the rights revert to me. If a title you remember is missing, there are a couple possible explanations:

(1) It was an anthology featuring multiple authors' works, and I've since released my individual piece as a standalone.

(2) It's a story for which I haven't received a reversion, and I can't re-release it yet.

(3) It's something I'm considering expanding or significantly rewriting.

(4) I'm revising it to re-release. Keep an eye on the Coming Soon page for updates.

What's the best way to contact you?
You can find me online in a whole bunch of places:

* tumblr
* goodreads
* dreamwidth
* twitter

You're welcome to contact me through any of these platforms. Please do, I'd love it if you came and said 'hi!'
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