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About Yolande

A Minnesotan by both heart and geography, Yolande Kleinn has plenty of experience weathering tough winters. Favorite method: distracting herself with hot beverages and even hotter stories. On a cold morning there's no better companion than a cup of coffee to go with a steamy work in progress.

Yolande may be a shameless dreamer and a stubborn optimist, but she is also a proud purveyor of erotic romance. Excitable, fastidious and a little eclectic, she spends every spare moment writing the stories she wants to read. These range from the historical to the modern to the downright fantastic, always with plenty of heat along the way.

If she can drag other people into the pool along with her, then so much the better.

You can connect with Yolande via:
* tumblr
* goodreads
* dreamwidth
* twitter

You can also check out what Yolande's been reading and recommending over on Dreamwidth.

Some truly vital facts about Yolande:

[1] She is obsessed with crossword puzzles but painfully mediocre at solving them.

[2] She is horribly allergic to cats, but loves them desperately.

[3] She watches "The Muppet Christmas Carol" every year with her family.

[4] She rarely re-reads books. There are just too many exciting new things, and too little time to ever finish them.

[5] She despises cantaloupe. Melon in general, really. Fuck honeydew.

[6] She's asexual + aromantic, and absolutely willing to talk about it/answer questions (as long as they're asked with respect and a willingness to listen).

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