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Put It in Writing

M/NB, Contemporary Romance, Friends-to-Lovers
[Coming 2021 / 6,000 Words]

A hopeless crush is nothing to be ashamed of, or so Lane keeps telling himself. But grad school is hard enough without pining for someone completely unattainable. Jordan is steady, kind, confident, and worst of all, effortlessly charming. In other words, they're everything Lane isn't and everything he can't help wanting.

When his roommate suggests writing a love letter, Lane balks. There's no point risking a close friendship if the best he can hope for is a gentle rejection.

But maybe putting words on paper can help him move on. At this point, Lane will try anything to rein in his stubborn heart. So long as Jordan doesn't see the letter, everything should be just fine.
Put It in Writing

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Ashes on a Distant Wind: PRINT EDITION

M/M, Post-Apocalypse, Sci-Fi, Romance
[Coming September 1, 2021 / 150 Pages]

Before the Vrete came to Earth, Donovan Riggs was a man of faith. Now they're gone, and he's left that part of himself behind for good. In the ruinous aftermath of a war nobody won, he is simply trying to survive. With Beau Greer—a young medic who stumbled into his life and then refused to leave—Riggs travels dangerous roads between long-dead cities. Scavenging doesn't offer much of a future. It barely provides for the present. But Riggs will do anything to protect what's his.

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Ashes on a Distant Wind
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