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When Dealing with Dragons
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M/M, Fantasy, Romance
[Coming June 23, 2023 / 12,200 Words]

When Prince Ercole Calistro's royal parents summon Sir Marion Rook to hunt a troublesome dragon, Ercole is prepared to hate the man on sight. He doesn't care that Rook turns out to be handsome and infuriatingly likable. Superficial charms are meaningless in a man cruel enough to kill a dragon who hasn't even hurt anyone.

When Rook returns from his quest bearing gifts, Ercole wants no part of them. He refuses to share in the spoils of a grievous wrong. Bad enough he failed to sway the king and queen from this course; he has no intention of befriending the sword arm they hired to enact such an injustice.

But Ercole's slights aren't met with the anger he expects. And when Rook admits a dangerous secret, the prince realizes he may have misjudged the old knight after all.

- - - - -

Intimate Places

M/M, Historical (ish), Erotic Romance
[Coming July 2023 / 3,700 Words]

Prince Tristan Fane keeps many secrets, but the only one that matters is Alric LaMarche. Head of the king's royal guard, Alric has served House Fane with unquestioned loyalty for decades. Any deeper connection is treason.

But Tristan is a man who knows exactly what he wants. And when Alric's desires align perfectly with his own, no force in the entire kingdom can keep them apart.

- - - - -

Where the Heart Leads

M/M, Erotic Romance, Friends-to-Lovers
[Coming 2023 / 7,800 Words]

Terry Linn has found a clever solution for an inconvenient crush: invite Elliot Kleiss into his bed without actually admitting he's already fallen hard. Elliot is a friend and mentor, practically family, for all the ways he's tangled up in business with Terry's parents. Propositioning him could lead to disaster, but Terry is desperate enough to try.

Maybe a tryst with no strings attached will burn Elliot out of his system. More likely, rejection will be the kick in the pants Terry needs to finally get over his infatuation. Anything is better than this helpless, pining limbo. As long as Elliot never suspects how deep his feelings truly run, Terry can endure any outcome.

Heartbreak or not, at least he'll know where he stands.

- - - - -

Hearts Right Here

A Contemporary Friends-to-Lovers Collection
[Coming 2023 / 86,000 Words]

From road trips to isolated cabins, business partners to longtime besties, old crushes to new revelations, former bosses to dad's best friend... Delve into nine contemporary romances where friendship changes course.

Collection includes: Something Softer—Wishful Thinking—Very Close and All at Once—Running Hot—Just About Perfect—Anticipation—Matters of Heart—Right Here with Me—Put It in Writing

- - - - -

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