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Encounter at the Flirtatious Fox
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M/M, Contemporary Romance, Meet Cute
[Coming March 14, 2024 / 3,000 Words]

When Raleigh—a forty-something silver fox with a stubborn streak—decides it's time to buy his first sex toy, he refuses to retreat just because he has no idea what he's doing. The Flirtatious Fox is a perfect little shop to get his bearings, especially when a knowledgeable and unreasonably attractive employee comes to his rescue. Oliver is candid, enthusiastic, and shockingly easy to talk to. Raleigh won't cross any lines, but he'll take all the help he can get.
Encounter at the Flirtatious Fox

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The Spaces in Between
(A Clumsy Handful of Stars #2)

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F/F, Science Fiction
[Coming April 2024 / 10,000 Words]

When it comes to her crew, Captain Jamila Warwick strives to maintain strict separation between the personal and the professional. Commanding a deep space science vessel does not allow for anything in between. But where comms specialist Aida de Luca is concerned, those lines have begun to blur.

An impossible ship, abandoned in an empty asteroid field, should be the discovery of a lifetime. The vessel is like nothing Warwick's team has ever encountered. But when their investigation puts Aida at risk and raises an unforeseen moral dilemma, Warwick faces a decision that could end her career.
The Spaces in Between

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Guileless (A Less Is More Story)

M/M, Contemporary Erotic Romance, Friends-to-Lovers
[Coming May 2024 / 10,500 Words]

When Kyle Fisk works up the nerve to proposition Glenn Callahan, he's not at all sure what the man will say. What can a gorgeous businessman like Glenn—strong, stern, and half of a successful corporate partnership with Kyle's mom—possibly see in a chaotic perpetual grad student like him?

But Kyle has been pining too long to give up now. This isn't a seduction. It's an offer, blunt and brazen, and Kyle desperately hopes Glenn will say yes.
Guileless: A Less Is More Story

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