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With a Reckless Heart
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M/M, Contemporary Romance
[Coming August 22, 2024 / 14,300 Words]

When Reuben drives halfway up a mountain for his daughter's wedding, he's anticipating last-minute errands, unfamiliar faces, and an overwhelmingly emotional day. What he doesn't expect is the gorgeous and brazen young man who keeps getting swept into his orbit.

Dusty seems to be a member of the wedding party, which makes him officially off-limits. The father of the bride has no business flirting with a groomsman, let alone doing any of the other things Reuben finds himself considering. At the very least they should properly introduce themselves, instead of indulging the thrill of being almost total strangers. The fact that Dusty is clearly friends with Reuben's future son-in-law should be all the impetus necessary to behave.

But whoever he is, Dusty is earnest and sweet and impossible to ignore. There will be time for introductions later. For now, what harm can a little flirtation do?
With a Reckless Heart

- - - - -

Restless (A Less Is More Story)
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M/M, Contemporary Erotic Romance
[Coming September 19, 2024 / 3,300 Words]

With the last of his law school exams behind him, Simon should be in a celebratory mood. Instead, he's a jittery wreck, caught up in wondering what comes next and not at all enjoying the noisy party around him. At least Erik is here. Though not precisely Simon's boyfriend, Erik always has excellent—and intimate—ideas for keeping him grounded.
Restless: A Less Is More Story

- - - - -

A Good Time to Fall
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M/M, Contemporary Erotic Romance
[Coming Oct 10, 2024 / 7,200 Words]

When Noel Decker volunteers to help Roy Hollis rake leaves, he doesn't begrudge the daunting scope of the project: just the two of them pitted against all the trees in Roy's massive backyard. Noel will take any excuse to spend time with Roy, and anyway, what are friends for?

What Noel doesn't anticipate are all the new and distracting feelings that kindle in his chest, surrounded by the wild oranges and reds of autumn. For all that he's known Roy for years—Noel's whole life in fact—he's never wanted to cross lines like this. Suddenly Noel is getting all sorts of ideas about this gorgeous older man. Unexpected, brazen, thoroughly explicit ideas.

How is he supposed to resist these reckless impulses, when Roy admits to wanting him too?

- - - - -

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