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Guileless (A Less Is More Story)
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M/M, Contemporary Erotic Romance, Friends-to-Lovers
[Coming May 23, 2024 / 10,500 Words]

When Kyle Fisk works up the nerve to proposition Glenn Callahan, he's not at all sure what the man will say. What can a gorgeous businessman like Glenn—strong, stern, and half of a successful corporate partnership with Kyle's mom—possibly see in a chaotic perpetual grad student like him?

But Kyle has been pining too long to give up now. This isn't a seduction. It's an offer, blunt and brazen, and Kyle desperately hopes Glenn will say yes.
Guileless: A Less Is More Story

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What's a Devil to Do?
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NB/F, Paranormal Meet Cute
[Coming June 13, 2024 / 4,000 Words]

Even if Harper had realized demons are real, they never would've anticipated meeting one at a stuffy business conference. Now they're face-to-face with a flustered succubus, who says her name is Tria and wants to know why Harper can see her true form. Posed with such a quandary, what's an asexual enby to do?
What's a Devil to Do?

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A Warm and Distant Dream
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F/F, Contemporary Fantasy, Friends-to-Lovers
[Coming July 18, 2024 / 15,800 Words]

When Ghita Starns decides distance is the solution to her biggest problem, taking a position as keeper of a magical lighthouse is exactly what she needs. Bad enough she's fallen for someone completely out of bounds; if anyone learns the truth, Ghita doesn't know what she'll do.

Naoko Tasse-Kimura hates that Ghita is moving two-thousand miles away, especially since Naoko's own magical studies keep her too busy to travel. Ghita may be closest with Naoko's parents, but she's Naoko's friend too, and her absence will be intolerable.

Even worse, once Ghita leaves, she starts avoiding Naoko's calls. For Ghita, distance alone isn't enough. She needs to get her stubborn heart under control, one way or another. But Naoko has magic on her side, and she won't let Ghita disappear.
A Warm and Distant Dream

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