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(A Less Is More Story)

M/M, Contemporary Erotic Romance
[43 Pages / 10,500 Words]

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When Kyle Fisk works up the nerve to proposition Glenn Callahan, he's not at all sure what the man will say. What can a gorgeous businessman like Glenn—strong, stern, and half of a successful corporate partnership with Kyle's mom—possibly see in a chaotic perpetual grad student like him?

But Kyle has been pining too long to give up now. This isn't a seduction. It's an offer, blunt and brazen, and Kyle desperately hopes Glenn will say yes.

Series: Less Is More
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"How's the soiree?" Glenn asks, and Kyle grins at the deliberate way he keeps any suggestion of apology from the question. Glenn wears his measured facade like a shield—a protective force of habit—and he clearly has no intention of allowing remorse for his tardiness, or for anything else.

"Not my kind of party, honestly." Kyle grins wider, overcompensating fondly for the stern set of Glenn's features. He knows he looks like some kind of woodland elf when he lets this particular impish expression leak through, and it occurs to him that he and Glenn make an absurd pair. Kyle with his irrepressible enthusiasm, Glenn with his habitual grumpy veneer. "But then, we both knew it would be boring. Isn't that why you're late?"

Glenn looks mildly affronted, but a subtle glimmer of affection softens the expression by the time it reaches his eyes. "I'm late because a contract negotiation ran long."

"Mmm," Kyle agrees. Still smiling. He puts the jug of apple juice back in the fridge, then finally crosses the kitchen.

Falling into Glenn's gravity feels like surrendering to an inevitable force of nature. Kyle slides his fingertips along Glenn's sweater clad shoulder, savoring the texture of the expensive material almost as much as the sturdy contours of muscle beneath.

"I like this shirt." Kyle tries to make it agonizingly clear that he is flirting. Deliberately. Unequivocally. This is more brazen than he has ever allowed himself to be, in all his efforts to signal his interest, and he sounds a little breathless when he asks, "Is it new?"

"No." Glenn makes no move to withdraw from the trace of Kyle's fingers. If anything, he leans just slightly into the cautious touch. "What are you doing?"

Kyle's pulse speeds. "Being direct." He does his best to channel the same confidence Glenn always carries—the same refusal to back down or apologize—the same steady intensity. "I was starting to worry you wouldn't show up tonight."

Glenn's brow creases, giving him a perplexed air. "Were you… waiting for me?"

"Yes. I have a proposition for you, and it doesn't work if you're not here."

Kyle's whole body gives an electric little thrill when Glenn leans toward him, thoughtlessly intrigued. Up close like this, he can see faint scatterings of silver at Glenn's temples, darker brown freckles across the bridge of his nose, hints of hazel in the otherwise deep umber of his eyes.

"What kind of proposition?" Glenn asks. The question sounds warm and curious and incredulous all at once. A fascinated glint flashes in his eyes, as they narrow beneath his furrowed brow.

"The sexy kind." No point being coy about it. Kyle's attempt at a cheeky delivery doesn't quite work—his smile is too soft—his expression flickering through a chaos of affectionate reactions in the face of Glenn's obvious shock. "Come upstairs with me. I've been waiting all goddamn day to get you alone."

"Wait." Glenn blinks several times in rapid succession, as though reality has gone blurry and he's trying to clear his vision. "You mean right now?"

"Yes. If you want to."

"I just got here."

"Perfect," Kyle says brightly, as though this is new information and he hasn't been stubbornly stalking the perimeter of a dull party for hours. "Then you can follow me upstairs and let everyone else assume you decided to no-show."

Talented as Glenn is at networking and corporate diplomacy, the man has confessed to hating events like this. Hell, it's not as though he needs to impress anyone here. His position as Sonya Fisk's business partner is well-known and unassailable, as is their shared reputation for success. Attending the soiree would give other people a chance to make their own good impressions, but Glenn Callahan has nothing to prove.

There is no earthly reason Glenn shouldn't run off with Kyle right this second, assuming he actually wants to.

"All right," Glenn says, gruffly sweet. "Lead the way."

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Guileless: A Less Is More Story
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