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(A Less Is More Story)

M/M, Contemporary Romantic Erotica
[21 Pages / 4,300 Words]

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Seth has some apologizing to do, showing up late when his boyfriend is cooking his favorite meal. Even worse, it seems like he really scared Andre tonight. A bouquet of flowers isn't going to cut it. Good thing Seth has a clever mouth, and plenty of other enthusiastic ideas for how to turn the evening around.

Series: Less Is More
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Seth has barely stepped across the threshold before Andre is on him, tugging him inside with impatient hands, pinning Seth to the door the second it snaps shut. The kiss is incendiary, and he breathes a startled laugh, voice muffled by the hot crush of Andre's mouth.

He nearly drops the apology bouquet in his delighted surprise.

"You're late," Andre growls, dragging hot kisses and rough bites down his throat with unexpected ferocity.

Seth's laughter evaporates. "You were worried. Fuck, I'm sorry. Hey." He lets go of the flowers—they're an irrelevant gesture in the face of his boyfriend's actual distress—and frames Andre's face between his hands, demanding eye contact. Andre allows himself to be guided, pliable and warm, as Seth explains, "I tried to call, but my phone screen broke. I couldn't access my texts or contacts. I didn't mean to freak you out."

Only now that he's really looking does he notice the pallor of Andre's skin, not quite pallid with fear, but lacking the lively flush that belongs there. God, Seth must really have scared him. Andre's always been overprotective—comes with the territory, if Seth is going to date an older man who's witnessed his most reckless adventures through the years.

Andre's the level-headed one; of course he's going to keep a weather eye out for Seth's wellbeing.

And he's going to assume the worst when Seth comes home two hours late, the night Andre has gone to great lengths cooking his favorite dinner from scratch. Even now, Seth can smell the mouthwatering aroma of gnocchi and garlic. He wonders if Andre has kept dinner warm, or if these are the leftover scents of a meal abandoned to pacing urgency.

A flicker of comprehension—and perhaps even forgiveness—flashes in Andre's eyes for just an instant before frantic heat returns. A taut stillness rises and tangles between them, as Seth studies Andre with covetous intensity. He has long since memorized the rugged lines of Andre's face, the strong jaw with its silvery stubble, the salt-and-pepper sweep of short hair. Andre's powerful shoulders look especially huge in moments like this, muscles tensed as he crowds in close.

It might seem like a threatening pose on anyone else, but Seth knows Andre too well. He knows the softness that lives beneath Andre's skin. There's no world in which this man could do anyone deliberate harm, least of all Seth himself.

Which just makes this aura of fracturing control all the more enticing, and Seth bites his lower lip hard as a wave of untempered want rolls through him.

Electric heat rushes into his chest when Andre's gaze locks on his mouth, and God, Seth loves how small he feels with Andre boxing him in. Seth is taller than nearly everyone in his life—even his boyfriend—but he's wiry and thin, and there is something intoxicating about the way Andre's powerful bulk stacks up against him.

He can't fathom why Andre is holding back, just staring at him without touching. The hands that were holding onto Seth have since released him, braced on the door to either side of his body. Bracketing him in but doing nothing at all to meet the growing need that's already making Seth's jeans uncomfortably tight.

Even though he could easily reel Andre in—communicate his needs through touch and wordless pleading and eager kisses—Seth finds himself waiting breathlessly for his boyfriend to make a move.

But Andre just keeps watching him, obviously ravenous and yet stubbornly refusing to engage.

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Breathless: A Less Is More Story
Cover design by Yolande Kleinn
ISBN 978-1-946316-25-7
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