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Running Hot

M/M, Contemporary, Romance
[49 Pages / 15,800 Words]

Running Hot is no longer available for individual purchase, but can be found in the collection:
Hearts Right Here

Kurt Trench and his sister Lena make a good team, running the auto shop they inherited from their dad. Lately Shane Dolan—loyal customer and cheerful gearhead—has been coming by the garage all the time, and Kurt's pretty sure he knows why.

Shane isn't the first guy to hang around mooning over Lena. He is the first she's let stay. The fact that Kurt is drawn to Shane too shouldn't matter. Even if the feeling were mutual, he won't steal Lena's boyfriend. He would never hurt his sister that way.

But watching the two grow close is torture, and Kurt can't seem to rein in his jealous heart.

Book Cover Running Hot
Cover design by Yolande Kleinn
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