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Matters of Heart

M/M Contemporary Romance
[49 Pages / 15,000 Words]

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Marco Spinelli has made Spinelli Medical Technologies an international power house; but there's no way he could have done it without Adam Callaghan, his best friend and resident entrepreneurial genius. Together they've spent years making their dream a reality.

Marco can't imagine life without Adam at his side, exactly like this—until a gala and an unexpected encounter make him realize he wants something more. Now he must repair a rift he never intended to cause, before he loses Adam for good.


Adam's eyes flew wide as he landed astride Marco's lap. Surprise, disbelief, a flash of warmth—all glinted in the silence as Adam stared at Marco, lips parted in wordless shock. Adam's hands seemed uncertain, gripping Marco's shoulders for balance and apparently unable to let go. His knees dug into Marco's hips and made the leather of the chair creak.

His weight across Marco's thighs was enough to short-circuit any higher brain function, but Marco still managed to draw a steadying breath and say, "God, you don't even know how many times I've thought about this."

They were almost of a height right now, Marco's advantage of several inches negated by Adam's current position. Adam's eyes fell closed at the curl of Marco's fingers around the nape of his neck, and a barely audible sigh escaped him.

Perfect stillness held between them, and Marco watched Adam closely, riveted by dark eyelashes and barely parted lips. Surprise tumbled alongside the want mounting beneath his skin, and he wondered how he could have missed this. He knew Adam so well—better than anyone else in his life—but somehow hadn't seen that the attraction between them simmered both ways. He wished he could read Adam's face amid the shadows, but something told him even daylight wouldn't help. He doubted his own senses after failing to notice such a fundamental truth.

He had taken Adam for granted. He'd taken their years-long friendship at face value when he could have been digging deeper. Now he knew better, and his body was a rush of desire and potential.

Marco wondered if this was a new understanding to Adam, or if Adam too had harbored fantasies for years, guarded even closer than Marco's own. He wondered what Adam was thinking now, what might be going on behind those closed and restless eyes. There was no sign of Adam's usual reserve. There was only the sweet thrill of anticipation twining intimately between them.

Stillness fell away, scattered by rising need, and Marco tugged Adam the last of the short distance toward him.

Their first kiss started light and cautious, but it didn't stay that way. How could Marco be expected to hold back when Adam responded instantly, coming alive beneath his hands, lips parting like an invitation? Of course Marco responded in kind. He tugged Adam tighter against him, relishing the easy way Adam complied with the smallest suggestion in Marco's touch.

Adam's perfect hair was every bit as soft as it looked, and his mouth was eager and restless. His hands had lost any trace of uncertainty. They gripped Marco possessively, framing his face, then slipped and shifted as Adam snuck one arm across Marco's shoulders.

Fucking hell, why had they never done this before?

When they broke apart, Marco needed a moment to collect himself. He kept his eyes closed and drew a steadying breath, the warm sensations in his chest nearly overwhelming him. The reality of Adam in his arms was even better than the idle fantasies Marco had indulged through the years.

He opened his eyes and found Adam watching him—staring him down, expression perplexed. Confusion cut a deep crease between Adam's narrow eyebrows. He was peering at Marco like a puzzle to be solved.

LT3 / Amazon / Apple / B&N / Kobo / Smashwords
Book Cover Matters of Heart: chunky text over a brightly colored nighttime cityscape with an enormous moon in the sky
Less Than Three Press
Cover design by Natasha Snow
ISBN 978-1-68431-099-9
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