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Especially at Christmas

M/M, Contemporary, Erotic Romance
[20 Pages / 5,500 Words]

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For the first time in five years, Andrew is single at Christmas.

At least he's not spending the holidays alone: his roommate is here to share the ups and downs of the season. Jake may be out of Andrew's league, but they make a good team. Then Jake kisses him in the middle of a noisy Christmas party, and changes all the rules.

Andrew doesn't believe in Christmas miracles. But maybe, just this once, he can make an exception.

Series: Christmas Shorts
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There's no piano in Andrew's apartment, but somehow a round of carols starts up anyway. About half the singers are on pitch, and the other half accent the songs with the monotone buzz of the tuneless. A couple voices rise with determined harmony. The entire spectacle clusters near the windows along the far wall, and Andrew moves away from the crowd. He finds himself near the tree, the bright glow filling his peripheral vision, and something melancholy twists in his chest.

He's tempted to indulge in his moment of melancholy, except he realizes abruptly he's not alone. There's a warm presence at his elbow. A quick glance confirms it's Jake beside him, holding a glass of eggnog in one hand and watching Andrew with a strange expression. There's half a smile on Jake's face, but the laughter has faded from his eyes. The result is cryptic as hell, and all the more mysterious in the multicolored glow from the tree.

"Hey," Andrew hears himself say. His voice is barely audible beneath a noisy rendition of I Saw Three Ships.

Instead of answering, Jake edges closer. A moment later Jake leans in and up, quick movement as he angles his head and—

And wait. Wait a second. Andrew's head spins, slow to catch up as he realizes Jake is kissing him, warm and sweet with a hint of eggnog. Jake's eyes are closed, but Andrew's are wide open. Andrew stands perfectly motionless, frozen with surprise, because Jake is kissing him.

After several heartbeats, Jake draws back with a mumbled curse. He sloshes his drink over the side of the glass in his haste. Jake's eyes fly open, and they're startle-wide, like he's every bit as shocked as Andrew. He's already backing away, and Andrew realizes he should do something. He should say something. Andrew should definitely not just stand here like a deer caught in oncoming headlights as Jake disappears down the hall, past the kitchen and through the door to his room.

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Book cover blue with snow and heart and white text: Especially at Christmas Cover
Cover design by Yolande Kleinn
ISBN 978-1-31027-715-3
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