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M/M/M, Contemporary, Erotic Romance
[268 Pages / 71,000 Words]

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Covet is a GOLD winner of the 2017 Forward INDIES award for erotica.

Jack Mason—graphic designer and unrepentant player—has never been interested in monogamy. He certainly isn't looking for romance when he meets Professor Colin Sloan.

Newly single and not looking for anything serious, Colin is intrigued by Jack's offer of a physical affair with no strings attached. Becoming friends wasn't part of the plan, but as accidents go, this one's pretty great.

Peter Mason is Jack's identical twin. In a long-term relationship himself, Peter tells no one that he's falling for his brother's newest favorite, even as the secret creates tension with his girlfriend.

When Peter's relationship falls apart, he seduces Colin, fully expecting Jack to forgive his transgression. But Jack is keeping secrets too—he hasn't told even Colin that he's fallen in love. Suddenly the twins are feuding, and Colin is caught in the middle, blindsided by the revelation that he doesn't want to choose between them.

Now all three must find a way to share, or they'll tear each other apart.


Colin blushed at the close scrutiny of his living room, suddenly conscious of the jumbled disarray. It wasn't that the apartment was dirty—Colin had a compulsive need for cleanliness—but the clutter was pronounced. Colin's numerous bookshelves were constantly overflowing, stacks of books accumulating in almost every corner. Classic literature mixed indiscriminately with trashy mysteries and trashier science fiction, a sorting project Colin was always putting off for another day. The mess had grown worse since Kyle's hurried packing and departure. Colin hadn't gotten around to sorting his own books and possessions into the gaps left behind.

"Sorry about the mess." Colin reached past Jack to steady a perilous stack of paperbacks.

"It's fine." There was an unfamiliar softness in Jack's voice. When Colin straightened, they were standing closer than he'd realized—closer than they should be—and Jack's face had gone serious. There was something intimate in the tilt of his head, and in the faint creases at the corners of his eyes. He looked like he was about to ask a question but couldn't figure out how to phrase it.

He looked gorgeous and inviting and absolutely perfect.

And Colin knew this would play out the same as every other moment that had started this way. Jack would take a backward step so smooth it would seem like he'd intended it all along. He would smile an uncomplicated smile, and ask if Colin had decided on a bar for the evening. He would let the moment dissipate to the exact same nothing as all the rest. Exactly the way it needed to.

Colin suddenly, fiercely hated the idea of Jack retreating. Never mind everything he'd been telling himself about not encouraging Jack, or the mixed signals he'd been trying so hard not to give off. Never mind the faint tug of rational thought telling him to let Jack go.

Colin wasn't thinking. If he were, he definitely wouldn't react to the off-balance feelings in his chest by closing the distance and kissing Jack's soft, startled mouth.

He backpedaled as soon as his brain caught up with the rest of him, and narrowly avoided knocking down a sturdier stack of hardcovers behind him. He was mortified with himself, and he could feel his expression going wide open with shock. As if he were the one with any right to be surprised about the kiss.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry." He nearly tripped over his own tongue in his haste to apologize. "I can't believe I just— That was completely out of line, forgive me."

Colin honestly wasn't sure what he expected from Jack in response. Affront, maybe? An obvious attraction didn't mean Jack was interested in more, and Colin had just crossed an unmistakable line. By all rights Jack should be offended. And though Colin had never seen Jack anything but easygoing, he braced himself just the same.

But Jack only grinned, bright and uncomplicated, and reached for Colin. He took loose hold of Colin's left wrist, then tugged him closer. An instant later there was the warmth of Jack's palm curving along Colin's jaw, the brush of fingertips ghosting the edge of his ear. Then Jack's mouth, somehow both eager and tentative, testing the water. Colin's pulse kicked fast in his chest, and he curled his fingers tight in the fabric of Jack's sleeves. Clinging hard. Leaning closer.

Kissing him back.

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Book cover three shirtless men kissing with white text: Covet
Cover design by L.C. Chase
Ebook ISBN 978-1-946316-13-4
Print ISBN 978-1-946316-02-8
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